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Peer Mediator Program

The Peer Mediators are available during afternoon recess 4 days a week.  There are two Peer Mediators per recess.  These students have done a wonderful job helping others solve their conflicts and learn how to work through problems.  Peer Mediators meet weekly on Wednesday afternoons.  

Student talks with another student who is distressed

Peer Mediation

Peer mediation programs offer schools an alternative to traditional disciplinary practices and help schools become safer places. The goal of peer mediation is to reduce conflict and provide children with problem-solving skills. Trained peer mediators create a safe atmosphere, allowing disputing students to tell their stories and assisting them in working out a mutually acceptable agreement. Since a solution is not forced on the students, the disputants feel empowered to take responsibility for their actions and to deal constructively with their immediate and future disagreements.

The conflicts that lend themselves to peer mediation include interpersonal disputes like friendship issues, verbal harassment, spreading rumors, physical aggression, or other bullying behaviors. Assault or other criminal activities are not referred for peer mediation.

Peer mediators are trained students who are taught communication and mediation skills. The youngest peer mediators in most programs are fourth graders, although younger students have been trained in some schools. Trained mediators reportedly exhibit increased self-control, self-confidence, and problem-solving skills which they use not only at school, but at home and with friends outside of school. Both mediators and disputants learn to communicate more effectively and solve problems without violence.