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School Rules

As a proud San Antonito student, I will show respect to myself and others by:
--Arriving promptly at school every day, 
prepared to learn.

--Keeping my hands, feet, and objects to myself.

--Walking quietly in single file on the right side of hallways.

--Respecting the property of my school and others.

--Listening while others are speaking.

--Following directions quickly and respectfully.

--Asking to borrow things that are not mine.

--Using kind words and actions.
--And always doing my best.
Bullying and aggressive behaviors do not have a place at San Antonito and will not be tolerated. 



  • Students who break a rule will review the rule with their teacher and will practice the behaviors needed to successfully follow the school guidelines.  If the misbehavior continues, the teacher may issue a discipline slip. The discipline slip will outline the specific action done by the student and the consequence given.  discipline slips are signed by the principal and sent home for families to review and sign.  If discipline slips are not signed and returned the next day additional consequences may be given.
  • Consequences for a discipline slip may include community service during recess, which is done by picking up trash around the campus (gloves are wore).
  • If the undesirable behavior continues further the administration will contact the student’s family and set up a conference to discuss the behavior. 
  • If a student repeatedly misbehaves, he/she will be referred to the Health/Mental Health Team and the need to create a Behavior Improvement Plan may be discussed. 
  • Serious behavior offenses are outlined in the APS Student Behavior Handbook and include arson, assault-bullying and/or aggravated, battery/fighting, bomb threat, bus disruption, drugs or tobacco, defiance of authority, gang related activity, disruptive conduct, harassment-disability/sexual, profane language, robbery, vandalism, weapons, etc.  Students who commit a serious offense may be given a discipline slip without a warning and referred to the principal and/or the counselor, who will conference with the student and/or his/her family.  Consequences for a serious offense may include in and/or out of school suspension.




  • Physical Education is an integral portion of our curriculum. Students are required to participate unless they have a doctor statement allowing them to sit out. Please make sure your student has tennis shoes on their PE days. To ensure you child is prepared for PE on the appropriate days it is recommended that he/she keep an extra pair of tennis shoes in their cubby at school. If a student does not have appropriate shoes on PE days, he/she will walk during PE in the gym as to provide some exercise. If PE is held outside, the student may walk around the track. 




▪ Riding the school bus is a privilege

▪APS does not provide school bus transportation to transfer students.

▪The bus driver cannot change the bus route.

▪The driver cannot accept any notes authorizing them to drop off students at a point other than the student’s regular stop.

General Rules

▪Students will be picked up and dropped off only at their assigned stops.

▪The school bus will leave the school bus    loading zone seven minutes after the bell rings in the afternoon.

▪The school bus driver will assign seats to students.

Safety Practices

  •   Students need to be cautious in the bus loading zone.
  •   A school bus driver will not stop for students who have missed the bus once it is in motion.
  •   No glass items, live animals, or dangerous objects will be transported on the school bus.
  •   Musical instruments exceeding 40 inches in height will not be allowed on the bus.
  •   Large items may not block the aisle or exits of the bus

Parent Responsibilities

▪Make sure your child knows his/her bus number, what stop to get off at, home address and phone number.

▪Make sure your child understands bus safety rules and expected behavior.

▪Make sure your child arrives at the designated bus stop 10 minutes prior to the bus’ scheduled arrival time.

▪Parents must be present to meet kindergarten students. Kindergarteners will not be left unattended at a bus stop in the afternoon if a parent is not there to meet the child unless APS and the bus company have prior written approval from the parent to allow the student to be left unattended or go home with an older sibling.

▪Notify the school of any changes to contact information so parents can be notified in case of emergency.

  • Be responsible for any observed damage caused by their children on the bus or at the bus stop.

Student's Responsibilities

  •   Arrive at the bus stop ten minutes before stop time.
  •   Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the doors are opened before approaching the bus.
  •   Use the handrail. Be careful no clothing or belongings get caught on the handrail.
  •   Sit in their assigned seat.
  •   Sit on the seat facing forward, feet on the floor, and speak in a normal tone of voice.
  •   Follow the driver's directions promptly.

Bus Discipline Plan

▪  The principal/designee at the school will address referrals from bus drivers according to their school bus discipline plan. (The rubric for bus discipline can be found on the school website.)

▪  The principal/designee has the authority to suspend a student from the bus and determine the length of the suspension.

▪  Severe disruption and dangerous behavior will result in immediate suspension of school bus privileges.

▪  All rules listed in the APS Student Behavior Handbook will apply on the school bus.


▪  Concerns can be addressed with your school administration, the school bus contractor or Student Transportation Services (STS).

For complete school-wide information see The San Antonito Roadrunner's Handbook.

San Antonito Elementary School

Bullying Prevention Policy

San Antonito Elementary is committed to providing a safe, respectful and fear-free environment for all members of the school community including students, staff, parents and community partners. The prevention of bullying is important in order to establish a school climate, which helps students learn, achieve high academic standards and maintain a positive educational environment.


Bullying is a way of using power aggressively in which a person is subjected to intentional, unwanted and unprovoked hurtful verbal, written, physical, and/or electronic actions. The different types of aggression may be repeated on more than one occasion and can include: physical, verbal, emotional, racial, sexual, damage to property, social isolation, and intimidation.

San Antonito School Wide Bullying Prevention Program

All staff members are trained to recognize bullying and receive reports from students and parents.

San Antonito uses the Bully Proofing Your School Curriculum, which teaches students how to recognize, refuse and report bullying.

Parents are informed of San Antonito’s Bullying Policy and Procedure for Reporting Bullying via the school newsletter and school website.

Procedure for Reporting and Responding to Bullying Incidents

  1. Students are encouraged to report personally or anonymously to teachers, administrators of other school staff acts of bullying.
  2. Parents /guardians are encouraged to report acts of bullying to teachers and/or administration.
  3. Teachers and school staff who witness acts of bullying or receive student reports of bullying behavior are required to  promptly notify administration.
  4. Administration reviews and investigates all reports of bullying. The student who is the alleged to be bullying and the victim are interviewed separately.
  5. The parents of all students involved are notified.
  6. All incidents of bullying are viewed as serious offenses.
  7. The victim can be referred to the School Counselor for skills on how to deal with the bullying behavior.

If disciplinary steps are warranted, the schools discipline policy will be followed.