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STEM Class

2018 Participants


Participants 2018

2018 Participants

2017-2018 Science Fair Committee

Stacy Sesnie
Valerie Renner
Michael Carpinelli
Cyndi Atcitty 
James Dominguez
Christine Mitchell
Cari Hushman
Stephanie Ford

2018 Participants

Science Fair

2018 Ribbon Winners

2018 Science Fair Schedule

October 27th        Project proposal sheets go home

November 8th      Return proposals to school

November 13th    Proposals returned to students with comments

January 18th        Science Fair Help Night

January 31st        Project check-in at the gym

February 1st        Judging, open house and pick-up

March 23rd          UNM Regional Science Fair

Congratulations to the five students who will represent San Antonito at the UNM Regional Science Fair!


William Mitchell - 4th Grade Behavioral Science

Allison Valdez - 5th Grade Biology

Sara Sesnie - 4th Grade Chemistry

Logan Mamanakis - 5th Grade Chemistry

Liam Pereira - 5th Grade Physics

2018 Placings


Animal Science

1st Eli Nelson

1st Sierra Kolb

2nd Nathan Steen

2nd Haylee Clark


Behavioral Science 3rd - 4th

1st William Mitchell*

2nd Lauren Sesnie

3rd Calla Jennings


Behavioral Science 5th

1st Ainsley MacGregor

2nd Ella Burnette

3rd Alyssa Pohl



1st Allison Valdez*

1st Caleb Sanchez

2nd Grace Babincsak

2nd Wyatt Shelton

3rd Dustin Anderson

3rd Elena Hansen


Botany 3rd-4th

1st Quinlan Gwyther

2nd Maya Cheney

3rd Ryan Moorhead


Botany 5th

1st Kourbyn Davis

1st Ainslee Heffelfinger

2nd Emma Clements

3rd Dominic Maestas





Chemistry 3rd

1st Noah Gomez

2nd Caitlin Carter

3rd Elizabeth Smutz


Chemistry 4th

1st Sara Sesnie*

2nd Annie Bennington

2nd Kora VanLierop

3rd Jessie Harrison

3rd Dylan McCarty


Chemistry 5th

1st Logan Mamanakis*

1st Logan Davis

2nd Maggie Ford

3rd Ainsley Milligan


Earth Science

1st Luke Stoerner

2nd Benjamin Schwebke

3rd Annabelle Hushman



1st Peighton Kenney

1st Matthew Fuessel

2nd Ian Ferguson

3rd Armando Garcia


Physics 3rd – 4th

1st Josiah Miller

2nd Camilla Callow

3rd Grayson Oakleaf


Physics 5th

1st Liam Pereira*

2nd Sawyer Martin

3rd Thomas Smutz


*UNM Regional Science Fair Expo representatives

Thank you 2017-2018



Kathy Alam

Connie Andazola

Jennifer Anderson

Dave Arbuckle

Mrs. Armstrong

Mike Ashcraft

Cyndi Atcitty

Chris Atcitty

Sue Babcock

Vanessa Barela

Tracy Bennington

Rob Bookhout

Megan Bookhout

Monica Briones

Crystal Campbell

Pete Carbone

Nicole Carbone

Michael Carpinelli

Christy Carver

Vince Case

Amy Chevallier

Louella Chyo

Meg Clayton

Katherine Conklin

Kevin Crist

Meg Crist

Ellen Cromer

Jennifer D'Amato

Carrie Davis

Heather DeLair

Toddy Dieckman

James Dominguez

Ashleah Dominguez

Erin Dughie

Kathy Felberg

Stuart Flicker

BrYan Folk

Stephanie Ford

Dean Ford

Eric Forrest

Beth Fuge

Patricia Gallegos

Erin Garcia

Donna Gillingham

Jeff Griffith

Barbara Griffith

Renee Gwyther

Brad Gwyther

Penny Hagler

Monica Harrison

Rebecca Hartley

John Hayden

John Helmich

Steven Henley

Leena Hoover

Cari Hushman

Patrick Johnson

Karen Kase

Josh Kern

Jason Li

Joni Lloyd

Alexis López

Ruth Lowery-Ross

Ken MacDonald

Lee Marshall

Shawn Martin

James Miller

Amy Beth Miller

Michelle Milligan

Bill Mitchell

Christine Mitchell

Jennifer Möller

Gerald Mora

Summer Moralez

Shannon Morgan

Bob Murphy

De Nauer

Rebekah Nelson

Wellesley Pereira

Hannah Perry

Meghan Petti

Lisa Prawitz

Ashley Procter

Joe Pugliese

Amanda Rael

Valerie Renner

Marianne Salceies-Donaldson

Stacy Sesnie

Steve Sesnie

Jerry Simmons

Carl Smith

Kim Smutz

Charles Smutz

Rosemary Stakvel

Jack Stern

Scott Stoerner

Shelbi Stoerner

Jeri Sword

Breanne Trujillo

Kelly Tulskikh

Denise Whipple

Brent Wilson

Chandra Wright

Congressman Ben Ray Lujan

Congresswoman Michelle Grisham Lujan

East Mountain High School Honor Society

Cabra Coffee


Vista Grande Community Center

Los Vecinos Community Center

Judging 2018


2018 Participants

Participants 2018