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Contact Heather Delair  Heather Delair Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Penny Hagler  Penny Hagler Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Breanne Trujillo  Breanne Trujillo Kindergarten Teacher
First Grade
Contact Heather Dayhoff  Heather Dayhoff First Grade Teacher
Contact Michelle Milligan  Michelle Milligan First Grade Teacher
Contact Lisa Prawitz  Lisa Prawitz First Grade Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Mandy Burke  Mandy Burke Second Grade Teacher
Contact Marita Coffey  Marita Coffey Second Grade Teacher
Contact Summer Moralez  Summer Moralez Second Grade Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Svana Anglin  Svana Anglin Third/Fourth Grade Combo Teacher
Contact Ruth Lowery-ross  Ruth Lowery-ross Third Grade Teacher
Contact Arlena Nauer  Arlena Nauer Third Grade Teacher
Fourth Grade
Contact Svana Anglin  Svana Anglin Third/Fourth Grade Combo Teacher
Contact Christy Carver  Christy Carver Fourth/Fifth Combo Teacher
Contact Monica Harrison  Monica Harrison Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Alexis Lopez  Alexis Lopez Fourth Grade Teacher
Fifth Grade
Contact Christy Carver  Christy Carver Fourth/Fifth Combo Teacher
Contact Louella Chyo  Louella Chyo Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Shannon Morgan  Shannon Morgan Fifth Grade Teacher
Physical Education
Contact Kathy Fehlberg  Kathy Fehlberg PE Teacher
Contact Amy Chevalier  Amy Chevalier STEM Coach
Contact Tabitha Hall  Tabitha Hall Music Teacher
Special Education
Contact Beverly Lazar  Beverly Lazar Special Education Teacher/Head Teacher
Contact Jenna Peacock  Jenna Peacock (505) 281-3931 ex: 25642 Gifted Teacher/Head Teacher
Contact Theresa Rodriguez  Theresa Rodriguez Gifted Teacher
Contact Connie-kaye Andazola  Connie-kaye Andazola Educational Assistant-Kindergarten
Contact Doris Baldwin  Doris Baldwin Educational Assistant-Kindergarten
Contact Deborah Defazio  Deborah Defazio Educational Assistant-Special Education
Contact Katherine Gillett  Katherine Gillett SAES Redirector
Contact Diana Pandolfo  Diana Pandolfo Educational Assistance-Kindergarten
Contact Richard Tudor  Richard Tudor Educational Assistant-Special Education
Contact Patricia Gallegos  Patricia Gallegos (505) 281-3931 Principal
Office Staff
Contact Margaret Crist  Margaret Crist (505) 281-3931 ex: 0 Office Clerk
Contact Denise Whipple  Denise Whipple (505) 281-3931 ex: 9 Secretary
Health Office
Contact Jeri Sword  Jeri Sword (505) 281-3931 Educational Assistant-Nurse
Contact Faith Starkweather  Faith Starkweather Staff
Ancillary Staff
Contact Kristal Hansen  Kristal Hansen Social Worker
Contact Shelley Kastler-Davis  Shelley Kastler-Davis Speech & Language
Contact Brian Machemehl  Brian Machemehl PT
Contact Caesar Morales  Caesar Morales OT
Contact Carol Gaddis  Carol Gaddis .5 Librarian(all day Tuesdays/Thursdays and 1/2 day Wednesdays)
Instructional Coach
Contact Christine Case  Christine Case Instructional Coach
Contact Gregory Chavez  Gregory Chavez Head Custodian
Contact Dean Salas  Dean Salas Custodian Staff
Contact Charles Sanchez  Charles Sanchez Custodian Staff
Contact Peggy Linke  Peggy Linke Cafeteria Staff
Contact Christina Molina  Christina Molina Cafeteria Staff
Contact Jasmine Padilla  Jasmine Padilla Cafeteria Manager